Welcome to the SlimStampen Alpha test

You've been invited to the Alpha test of the SlimStampen desktop app. On this page you can find information about the project and download links.

Latest version: 1.0


SlimStampen for Windows


SlimStampen for Mac OSX


SlimStampen for Linux

About us

Rugged Software : Team 5

For the course Software Engineering we were asked to make a desktop app based on the SlimStampen algorithm. After months of hard work we have now released the Alpha version. The source code can be found at our Github page. You can also leave your feedback there in the issues section.

Hichem Bouakaz
Sander de Jong
Sibren van Vliet
Enrico Werkema


About SlimStampen

    The problem of learning facts is that this process is boring, and that the learned information is forgotten if facts are not rehearsed at the right moment. This affects not only students, who could have trouble learning and often forget the material over time, but also teachers, who have difficulty presenting the material to be learned in an interesting fashion, and rely on their students remembering the material taught to them. The bottom line of the problem is that the method students use for learning, if any, is inefficient.

    The SlimStampen algorithm developed by Hedderik van Rijn increases learning by 20 to 30 percent. Using the decay rate of information impulses in the learner’s memory, the algorithm is designed to present facts at the moment in time when it is most beneficial for the learner to rehearse that fact again. Learning is most beneficial when the learner is just about to forget a certain fact.

Application Features

  • Efficient learning

    Learning facts is considered boring. Our app does not pretend otherwise, but makes learning more efficient using the SlimStampen algorithm to make sure you're time is well-spent.

  • Modern design

    Using Electron technology, pages created with HTML5 and CSS3 are encapsulated in a desktop app to give it a modern look and feel. Everything in the app is focused on learning.

  • Customisation

    Users are able to make an online account to log into the application from every computer with SlimStampen installed. All datasets that the user has added can then be used for learning.